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Phi Sig is the fraternity of builders, entrepreneurs, and leaders at Minnesota.
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Phi Sig supports your success, both in school and after graduation. As an undergrad, members strive for excellence in all aspects of life, a balanced approach pairing high scholastics with a quality social life. Because we rely on each other, members develop great friendships, and are therefore careful about whom we ask to join. You won't find an entire high school class transplanted here. Nor do we fit a predictable mold. We're individuals, sharing an enthusiasm for the challenge and excitement of our growing fraternity. Most of us work our way through college, but we all work hard - at life. We consider a prospective member's character and how we can best help him, and benefit from him - because support goes both ways. We're cooperative, in a deeper sense, because we follow the Golden Rule. Our alumni play a big role at Phi Sig, providing scholarships, mentoring, and job connections to many of our active and graduating members.

We're open for informal recruitment, and our summer pledge class is growing. Phi Sig welcomes guests and prospective new members to stop by for a visit at various social events all summer. Call Marc for calendar dates and a personal tour, at (651) 260-2200, or write to finkx206 (at) umn.edu . We'll answer your questions and make a few introductions to upperclassmen. Prospective new members can participate in all the activities of the chapter except for our formal meetings, and may soon join these after initiation later this Fall.

Why join?
In a recent survey of our members, the top benefits listed were "close bonds between brothers" and "major alumni support and networking." Our chapter provides members a place to rest, eat and study between classes. On the weekends, enjoy a party or game with us. Newly remodeled, you'd be proud to call Phi Sig home, among your brothers in the chapter. We've been here 105 years; because we own our building, living here cheaper than the dorms. Our convenient location can't be beat, close to Dinkytown and Stadium Village. Seriously, living in is soooo much more comfortable than dorm life - choose it, if you can: At this writing, summer occupancy is full. We only have 12 beds left for Fall live-ins, available to members and pledges on a first-come, first served basis. Non live-ins are called townies, and can enjoy the privileges of membership while living in the dorms or an apartment.

For more information, download our prospective member information sheet here.

What else do we do?
You'll find that our members participate in dozens of student groups and clubs. Our football, broom ball and other intramural teams are called the Phi Sig Raiders. We'll tackle a number of community philanthropy events a year, currently supporting the Special Olympics. Members appreciate peer mentoring with upperclassmen. While science, tech and engineering are the most popular majors, we have a strong showing among Carlson School students, CBS, Architecture and liberal arts. When you are ready to graduate, we appreciate the support that our alumni give us, for internships, job leads and recommendation letters, available to all members. Get ahead in life - join Phi Sigma Kappa.

Who joins?
The best candidates are incoming freshmen, transfer students or underclassmen who can make the most of several years of participation in our active group. We are individuals, working on a common endeavor of making the most of our college years. Many of us work during the school year, some join athletic clubs or teams, and we maintain a house GPA well above the Men's Average and among the highest of the fraternity averages. Did you know? Greeks graduate faster than the average student, and with higher GPAs. Sound like a path you may want to explore? We want to meet you.

Call or write Marc to make that first connection.

President Zach Brauer braue065 (at) umn.edu (763) 213-6435 Majoring in Finance in the Carlson School, Zach is a sophomore, and semi-pro MMA competitor.

Vice President Levi Carstensen carst071 (at) umn.edu (605) 553-1617 Majoring in Political Science, Levi is already busy networking in support of his future political work. He's from Pipestone, MN.

Treasurer Abhik Mahakul mahak01 (at) umn.edu (630) 770-4839 Majoring in Electrical Engineering, Abhik is a junior, can eat a hotdog in one bite (why would he admit to this?) and follows the Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts.

Secretary Caleb Walters walte574 (at) umn.edu (262) 719-8005 Milwaukee native Caleb is majoring in Cellular Biology. He's a busy athlete, as a member of the U of M Gymnastics club.

Inductor Danny Kobren kobre001 (at) umn.edu (301) 467-3644 Majoring in Journalism, Danny is working on his first novella, a tragic tale, that begins, "It was a dark and stormy night..." He hails from Clarksville, Maryland and works in the Gopher Athletic Communication office.

Sentinal Ian Ebner ebner030 (at) umn.edu (763) 498-1344 Majoring in English, Ian is our local NE Minneapolis link. He says he drove by Phi Sig 5,000 times as a kid. Little did he know that as the officer responsible for hosting and security, he'd be in charge of the guest list to get in to that building he admired.

Rush Chair Marc Fink finkx206 (at) umn.edu (651) 260-2200 Majoring in Finance, Marc is a busy fellow this summer, interviewing scholarship candidates, working full time and managing prospective membership inquires.

IFC Relations Isaac Sorensen soren804 (at) umn.edu (651) 356-1004 Majoring in Economics and Poli Sci, sophomore Isaac is from Woodbury, and lends a diplomatic sense to our inter-Greek relations.


Brothers, you've simply been amazing, once again. We will complete the last touches of our house-wide renovation this Fall, after two years of non-stop, sometimes invasive contractor work. But in the end, it's made for a much more comfortable chapter building for our boys. We're proudly showing the building and our growing chapter during the official reception on August 7, 2015, when our national General Convention is in town. It will be a busy week, and we certainly could use your help with crowd control and answering questions. Be there by 6:30PM on the 7th, and be sure to park in one of the nearby ramps or lots. Even though we have the biggest parking lot on campus, we need the space for the crowd on this day.

Watch this space for an announcement of the next alumni reception. We'll be honoring all our donors and volunteers, providing house tours and introducing our actives once the Convention is a fond memory.

Homecoming is scheduled for September 26th, 2015 at 2:30PM, against the Ohio University Bobcats. We're planning a terrific time at the chapter house, all morning, with a big BBQ turkey lunch.

While many generous donations have come in, and all of these funds have gone to improve the chapter, we have a remaining shortfall in our funding campaign of $20,000 to complete our work. Can you help with all or part of that? There is a donations link, further down this page.

Some of you have especially fond memories of living in the house, and in a particular room. By popular demand, we are now naming each room after the generous alumnus donor who wishes to memorialize his name or nickname on the new bedroom door. Here are the bedrooms and common rooms that are still available for naming:

  • President's Room ($15,000)
  • Room #2 ($20,000)
  • Room #3 ($10,000)
  • Room #4 ($10,000)
  • Room #5 ($10,000)
  • Room #6 ($10,000)
  • Room #7 ($10,000)
  • Room #8 ($10,000)
  • Room #9 ($20,000) both 9a and 9b
  • Room #10 ($10,000)
  • Room #11 ($10,000)
  • Room #12 ($10,000)
  • Room #14 ($8,000) the old trunk room
  • Trophy Room ($20,000)
  • Library - SOLD
  • Great Hall - SOLD
  • Dining Room ($20,000)
  • Old Townie Room or #00 ($15,000)
  • Chapter Room ($100,000)
  • Back Patio "Scholars Walk" ($100,000) likely fully tax deductable

A portion of each bedroom may be tax deductable. See us if interested.

Have you bought your commemorative mug and shot glass? Do you want to contribute to the remodeling fund or our educational foundation? Do you need parking for Vikings or Gopher games? You can do all that, and more, at our online store!

Many of you get our alumni newsletter. If not, send us your email address with any other contact information, to tom (at) pro-activemktg.com , and we'll be sure to including you in these thrice-annual mailings. No spam, just alumni and chapter news, promise.

Do you get your Signet four times a year? All alumni know it's their birthright. Sometimes this impressive fraternal magazine is sent via mail, and sometimes by email. To ensure you don't miss an issue, update any missing alumni information for you or your pledge brothers here: http://bit.ly/1dslvUB

If you ONLY want print copies of The Signet, we can do that too, but need to know your wishes. Call PSK Headquarters with this request, at (317) 573-5420.

Did you know? When you send in Sustaining Member dues to National, almost all those funds go to OUR CHAPTER. Thanks for your support!

We look to you to help provide internships, interview practice, recommendation letters and job leads to our excellent graduates. If you can help, let us know your field and location, and we'll send only the brightest, most capable and hard working lads your way. See Tom Jackson at tom (at) pro-activemktg.com , or call (612) 801-0708.

Reach us:
Alumni President Marty Brown '84 themartybrown (at) yahoo.com (612) 845-1475
Alumni News and Networking Tom Jackson '87 tom (at) pro-activemktg.com (612) 801-0708
Alumni Secretary and House Dad Jeremiah Wingstadt '14 wings003 (at) umn.edu (920) 284-5594
Local PSK Foundation David Anton '84 dave.anton (at) comcast.net (612) 201-3096

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductable, donations to the building fund generally are not. Give to the building fund with checks payable to "The Triton Corporation," c/o Tom Jackson, at 431 Post Road, Lino Lakes, MN 55014. Make checks to the local foundation to "The PSK Foundation of Minnesota," same address.

Any and all historical information is most welcome, at the same address. Photos? Stories? Bring 'em!

Fun Facts

We have a story to tell that is unique and powerful and inspiring. With over 105 years on campus, and almost 150 years as a national, our history is amazing. You can be part of it as a member.


Our History

How We Started

We began as many older chapters did: 25 charter members with a dream, operating as a local club in 1907, and looking for the right National. We narrowed it to five, and were thrilled to find a perfect match in Phi Sigma Kappa, an impressive eastern fraternity which had just begun to span our growing nation. Things really took off five years into being a chapter, with the move to larger quarters, and what turned out to be an extremely potent class of members who had a dream of building the most inspiring mansion on campus, reflective of our brotherhood. Renting three successively larger homes, we bought a barn-roofed clapboard home for the first time just five years after our chartering. Saving funds for 12 more years enabled us to design and build the home we have today.

Historic Chapter House

The Lovering brothers, members of Beta Deuteron at Minnesota, started a construction firm out of college. They built Beta Deuteron’s current home in 1928, when they were only 31 and 35 years old. Our 15-year old chapter had saved for it. We bought a key parcel of land, building two years later, here, near the stadiums and main classrooms of the day. Our building has only gotten more convenient. Brother Sam Gale, a VP at General Mills, helped us sell alumni mortgage backing during the Great Depression that kept the chapter solvent. Alumni rock. Our alumni still rock, having funded the bulk of a total building renovation that is being completed by the fall of 2015. We provide alumni connections for mentoring support and jobs better than any other house.

65th General Convention

Welcome to Minneapolis! Beta Deuteron hopes to see you while you are here. We're open all summer, and are hosting a reception for you at 7PM on Friday, August 7th. Look for our courtesy shuttle vans at the hotel on that evening. We're just 3 miles away: During the daytime or evening, walk if you like, along Nicollet Ave., heading left outside the hotel doors. At Washington, go right to Third, the left again across the river. After you cross the river, turn right on University, another mile. Here's a map: http://bit.ly/1G1mQda. There's Uber, and you can bike, too: Blue Cross sponsors bicycles you can rent cheap.

Where to go

Food & Drink: There's loads of choices. Between the hotel and the chapter you'll find several hundred restaurants, coffee places, and pubs. Brit's is popular, as is the Pourhouse. In the Foshay tower you'll find the Prohibition bar on the 27th floor; upscale. Huberts is a sports bar and restaurant.

Where NOT to go: At night it's best not to walk alone too far south of the hotel (higher numbered streets), nor more than a couple blocks north of Hennepin. Not much there anyway.

On Campus

What to see: Greek Row includes over 40 historic buildings, and the Minnesota campus is beautiful. Beta Deuteron is toward the end of the row, two blocks from the new Gopher stadium, "The Bank." It's where we thrash Michigan, Wisconsin and Purdue. Cross the Mississippi on any of several bridges, where you'll find parks and restaurants on both sides. If you have a mind to shop, clothing is tax free. Runners or bikers? Check the Stone Arch bridge, or Nicollet Island, both marked on the map.

Be an ambassador: Minnesota's Greeks all know the Phi Sigs are visiting, and they welcome you. We get along with all the 60 or so chapters on campus, so wear your letters and say hello. These are some of the oldest chapters of their respective nationals. Respect their property, and we'll be grateful.

The best souvenirs are ours: Beta Deuteron brothers all have their own commemorative steins, and we'll have a few for sale as long as they last. The chapter is also selling a commemorative tee shirt, but only for brothers who visit our building and legendary chapter room. Collegiate wear, Gopher and Big Ten gear is available at Gold Country sportswear in Dinkytown, in the middle of Greek Row.

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Contact Info

Phi Sigma Kappa
317 18th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(651) 260-2200